Consulting Services



KLC electronics provides electrical and electronic engineering consulting services for the renewable energy industry including wind, solar, and geothermal power.  Our services include electrical systems, control systems, safety systems, grounding systems, and lighting protection system design and development.  Additionally, we provide technical writing and editing services as needed.

KLC electronics manufactures a series of wind speed metering products for small airports, yacht clubs, wind farms and office environments.  These instruments are designed for error free operations in high EMI environments as well as excellent visibility in daylight conditions.  The WindcheckTM series of wind speed meters are designed to operate with a wide range of anemometer from various manufactures.

KLC electronics was founded by Kevin Cousineau, a wind industry pioneer with over 33 years experience in the wind and solar industry alone.  KLC electronic’s activities and people provide engineering consulting services with an eye on research and development of electrical and electronic control and data acquisition systems for all aspects of the renewable energy industry.